"Preparing Youth for Success
in the Global Marketplace"

Our Mission

  The Granville Academy prepares youth to understand and to be prepared to work in the global
  marketplace as it is today, and as it is evolving here and around the world. Experience proves
  that as students learn more about the workings of the economic system, the more likely they
  are to become productive citizens in their communities. Accordingly, the mission of the
  Academy is threefold:

  • To help youth enter and succeed in a global market-driven economy.
  • To provide a foundation for their continued growth as citizens of an interconnected world
  • To instill in them a giving-back spirit that focuses on helping others and communities around the globe.

  The Granville Academy enlists the services of volunteers, businesses and community groups
  to achieve our mission.

About the Granville Academy

  Most Granville Academy students are from inner cities. Admission is free and our funding
  comes from a number of sources in the public and private sectors. Prospective students
  prepare a written application to the Granville Academy and are interviewed. Admission is
  based on potential rather than previous classroom achievement. Participants agree to attend
  bi-weekly sessions during the school year from 8-12th grades. Classes are conducted in
  academic and or business environments outside the communities where students reside. For
  most Granville Academy students, this is the first regular opportunity to move beyond the
  boundaries of their neighborhood. It is a valuable learning experience – particularly for inner
  city students – to know that there is a large and diverse business world around them, 
  eager to  absorb skilled workers who are prepared for it.

  Economic knowledge echoes its effect. Each person who understands the importance of
  basic skills and the free enterprise environment shares that knowledge with others to build
  stronger communities. Granville Academy, which is a 501c3 tax exempt organization, is
  deeply grateful to be able to serve communities with this ambitious but very important


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